Saturday, November 14, 2015

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40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Your Job

I've been very absent this week.  As I mentioned in my last post, my son was sick at the same time I was. I got better, he didn't.  We ended up in hospital with him as he was very dehydrated. We spent the whole night awake in the ER and naturally have been feeling totally spent. Returned from the ER yesterday and we thought he was on the improve, only for him to throw up again today! So we might just have to head back to the hospital is he can't keep his fluids up. 

Anyway, enough about me, lets talk about my nail art. Oh hang on, that's about me too. LOL.

Today's prompt in the 52 week challenge is 'Your Job'. Some people have such fun and interesting jobs, it's really great to see how they translate it to their nails.  Mine job isn't so exciting to outsiders, although I do love my job and find it challenging and so unbelievably busy.  

I work for the Australian Government Department of Agriculture and Water Resources and am the director of the department's web team.  In simple terms, my section develops new websites and manages the departmental intranet. So for my job nails, I printed some water decals using the code from our departmental website.  On the left hand is some of the global.css file and on my right hand was some html from the Travelling to Australia page.  So to any of my international readers that might be travelling to Australia. Make sure you check out that page to ensure you don't bring in any prohibited products that could introduce exotic pests and diseases into Australia. /public service announcement.

Aaahhh, the elusive Cinderella hand with the html code.


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