Monday, November 30, 2015

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My other cartoon nails

Last weeks prompt for the 52 week nail art challenge was cartoons or comics.  I painted these nails during the week with full intentions of posting them.  However I had two people specifically comment on my nails and they both said the same thing.  

First it was my mum.  She did a double take and looked at my nails and said, "Woah, I thought your nails looked disgusting. And by that I mean it looks like you've been digging in the dirt and you really need to scrub your nails". Ah thanks mum!

Then I get to work, and one of the guys I work with does a double take and says "Woah what's on your nails, *I show nails and explain they are cartoon design*. Oh, it just looked like you have been digging in the dirt and have really dirty nails". 

Seriously, two people within an hour.  Now I've done cartoon nails before, but I'm guessing it's because I did a pastel pink base this time that freaked everyone out.  I even remember talking to the lady at the front counter where my kids do swimming lessons and her eyes just kept looking down at my nails.  She didn't say anything, but I bet she was thinking EWWW, this lady needs to wash her hands!

I was actually really happy with these. They are about as neat as my work is ever going to get when doing framed nails.  But yeah, those two comments kind of rocked me, and made me uncertain about posting these for the prompt.  But I know you nail girls will be ok with them.


  1. Maybe it's because I'm seeing them in close up, but they don't look dirty to me. In fact, my first thought was that they reminded me of a Chanel ad!

  2. Perhaps it's all in the perspective - here in close up, they look sharp and sophisticated.

  3. Dirty? The one who can freehand this nail-frame so neat is a total genius! I can't free-hand at all, that's why I never frame, My free-hand looks messy (I hate mess) , and Oh-boy, that looks dirty. Your frame , especially this black-on-pink is one of the most elegant framed combos I have ever seen.. Come on Kitty, you are one of my nail-gurus.


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