Saturday, November 7, 2015

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40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Black and White

The theme for this weeks challenge is Black and white, paired again with each participants technique prompt. 

I had a brain explosion the night I painted my black and white nails and totally forgot that I had a technique prompt I had to use with the black and white colours. Therefore I whet ahead creating a nail art look using stamping.  My actual prompt was needle drag, so my stamped mani just wasn't going to cut it.  So last night I had to pull together another black and white mani!  As much as I loved my first design (which I will still get around to showing), I think I love this even more.

I created the look by dragging a brush through wet polish. Jump over to Instagram or facebook later to see the short tutorial video for these nails.


  1. Love these- they look so cute - you always have such lovely nails

  2. These are beautiful. I want them on my hands!

  3. Eye boggling - Love them you did such a good job! :)

  4. I like this mani and i will check the vid out a bit later.


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