Wednesday, December 2, 2015

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Picture Polish Big Bang

I'm starting with a funny story tonight.  Last weekend when I was sitting painting my nails with my four year old daughter, she comes out and says. "Mum, do you know what is sad?"  "What's sad darling?" I replied.  "When you die".  I looked up at her and was about tell her that I'm not going to die for a long time and she has nothing to worry about now, but she interrupts me straight away and says "But do you know whats great about you dying? ... I get all your nail polish!" We both had a good belly laugh at that comment.  Although it does make me happy to know that she will love my stash for me one day!

Now, I've fallen behind with my Picture Polish shades again.  I still have photos to show of the last release and there is a new release out already!  

Picture Polish big bang is a dark purple with scattered holo flakes and multi-coloured larger flakies. It is a collaboration shade created with French blogger La NPA Mouton.  I teamed it up with some MILV water decals that have gorgeous little viola flowers on them.  I love complex water decals like these which create designs that would be impossible for me to create with stamping, let alone freehand.  I also like how the flakie colours in the polish are highlighted by the colours in the water decal.

Picture Polish Big Bang is available from Picture Polish. International ladies may be able purchase through one of the many Network stockists if they have this in stock.

Polish provided for consideration.

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  1. Aww your own little polish-aholic. Next generation is already in training.


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