Sunday, November 20, 2016

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The Digital Dozen does Colour Contrast - Day 5

I'm late with day five, but at least it got done. 

I'm kind of annoyed with my foot and ankle at the moment, actually more at the inefficient public hospital system.  I've had two sets of x-rays on my foot now, some done the day of the accident and then some done two weeks later.  Last week I went to my GP saying I think there is more wrong with my foot than what they doctors at the hospital were saying, cause even me looking at the xrays can see stuff that doesn't look right and I think the doctors missed it. He said he was happy to send me for a CT scan to check, but asked where the reports from the radiologist were. Turns out the hospital sent the reports to the wrong doctor. My doctor followed up straight away and got the reports that day, and what do they say? I need a CT scan because not only is there clear breaks on the end of the Tibia, and on one of the metatarsals, but also a mid foot fracture of both the cuboid and talus and multiple anomalies of the foot.  It pisses me off that I should have had this CT scan three weeks ago, but because stupid people sent paperwork to the wrong place I'm now three weeks down the track without knowing whether I need surgery or not.  I'm booked in for the CT tomorrow morning. Lets see where that takes us.

Now lets look at the nails.  I did another traditional colour contrast of apple green and hot pink. The colours together actually remind me of the toffee apple lollies we used to get as a kid. They were delicious. 

I used a hot pink polish from Jamberry and the green polish from the Street Carnival collection from Pipedream polish.


  1. This combination is beautiful. And I am so sorry to hear about your continued foot ailments! It sucks when there are gaps/misses in the systems. :(

  2. This cmbination are really beautiful you can see this also from my blog


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