Thursday, December 29, 2016

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Digital Dozen - December Birthday Mani - Rainbow circuitry

It's time for the birthday mani for December for the Digital Dozen. I wasn't going to miss this, because I'm one of the December birthday gals, and I actually chose this picture.  There are actually three Digital Dozen ladies with birthday's in December, myself, Kerry and Kristi. We actually didn't realize that Kerry's birthday was in December under after we chose a picture. So it ended up being something that Kristi and I agreed on. I wanted something with rainbows, because rainbow is my favourite colour.  I saw this picture of rainbow computer circuitry and thought it was perfect, because I knew that Kristi is a uber geek who works with computer chips at Intel. Kristi agreed and thus this picture was chosen.

Even though I chose this photo, I actually had no idea how to translate it to nail art. It was only when I started that I realized that it was ridiculously difficult to do.

I started with a foil base on pink on my index and blue on my pinky, the two middle fingers are actually a gradient foil that go from pink to yellow to green to blue, to it actually was a perfect base.

I then did some stamping of the grid, and again I did that as a stamped gradient going from black on one finger through pale blue to yellow, but it's actually really hard to see.  I then painted some random colour sploges on to try and get some of the blended glowing looking bits.  

This one looks better from a distance than it does up close.


  1. Superb...... awesome.... I am fade up with foils. All time it's a big failure for me. :(

  2. These look incredible! You did a great job with the inspiration!

  3. OMG! This is amazing! I love the way it looks! I need to get more foils, I actually enjoyed playing with them! :)

  4. Great mani! Happy belated birthday Cathy <3

  5. Happy belated virthday :) Rainbow is my fave color too and my birthday is also in December, so I fully support your choice of picture :p And your mani is beautiful!

  6. I love your interpretation of this one!


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