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Lisfranc, Polish hauls and Christmas 2016

Well well, it's been a while hasn't it? I don't feel like I need to apologise, as I know you all understand that nail polish blogging is just that, nail polish, and real life is so much more important.

Usually this time of year is pretty horrendous for everyone, but this year it's has been particularly brutal to me!  Let's get to the latest on my foot and ankle to start with, as that has what has been consuming my life mostly.

Last I told you was about my CT scan which identified 8 broken bones but nothing displaced that needed surgery. Jump forward two weeks from that to when I went for my 6 week check up at the fracture clinic.  My specialist ordered some weight bearing xrays and this identified the dreaded Lisfranc fracture.  He booked me in then and there for surgery the next day, despite it already being 6 weeks since I broke my foot. He said it hadn't healed at all in that time and needed plates and screws. I went home a googled the hell out of Lisfranc, and quite honestly was horrified by what I read.  It is considered one of the worst fractures you can get in your foot because of it's poor outcome, usually leading to lifelong foot pain and limping - something really to look forward to hey!

I then had two weeks of recovery following the surgery and finally yesterday I went to get the bandages off and stitches out.  It was the first time I got to see what mechanics they had added to my foot.  I had two plates and fours screws. The first plate attaches the first metatarsal to the medial cuneiform and the second plate attaches the second metatarsal to the intermediate cuneiform.  They also used a Lisfranc tightrope which diagonally connects the medial cuneiform with the second metatarsal. I may end up getting the two plates removed some time down the track depending on how they feel and if they restrict movement too much.  I've already been non weight bearing on my foot for 8 weeks, and I have another 4-6 weeks ahead I was told, so that's 3 months of being on crutches. My left calf has already lost about 5cm of muscle compared to the other leg, so it's going to need to tough work to get back to normal. I'm afraid that my high heel wearing days are over now.

My wound still looks pretty nasty on top of my foot, the site incision looks good though.  At least I was able to put on a water proof bandage and have a quick dip in the pool.  It's gonna be a hot Christmas down-under so I'm so glad I can get back into the pool.

I also missed blogging about my birthday back at the beginning of December. I did do a lovely birthday manicure, because I was briefly back at work for week and a bit before my surgery.  I'll get to that post in a few days I hope.  

I was luckly enough to receive a gift voucher for Femme Fatale from my local nail polish friends. Here is a quick swatch of the polishes I got.  Left to right they are, Cirque Halcyon, Cirque Idyllic, 
ILNP manor House, ILNP clockwork, ILNP that other girl, FUN northern lights and FUN TGIF.

I have been wearing polish this whole time I've been absent, well except for the day in hospital where you have to remove it.  But I've not done much nail art.  So I made myself do a little bit of stamping for a quick Christmas mani.

My base is one of the polishes I got for my birthday, ILNP Clockwork and I stamped some holly on it from one of the Clear Jelly Stamper plates I got last year.

So with that, I will head off to do final Christmas Eve preparations. The kids are in bed, although are too excited to be asleep yet, just got to wait for them to drift off before we can finish everything.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Hanukkah and all that jazz. Love your families and friends and thanks for another long blogging year!


  1. That looks really nasty! Hope it heals well. Hope you have a good Christmas regardless xxx

  2. What nail art dedication you have!! I love your blog! Your poor foot...I hope you get well soon and Merry Christmas from California!

  3. What nail art dedication you have!! I love your blog! Your poor foot...I hope you get well soon and Merry Christmas from California!

  4. Oh no! Lisfranc fractures are not good news. My mum had one a few years ago. I think she spent mearly 6 months with a moon boot on but now she's all good. So there is hope!

  5. Take care! I hope you can feel better soon :-*

  6. Our best wishes are with to recover soon! Tc


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