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My top posts of 2016

Argh, I wasn't going to do these posts cause they are just so much effort, but I figured I just can't let the year start without doing my traditional round up.

This year though, I will only do two. My top posts from the last year and my favourite nail art from the last year. I figure I just haven't tried enough new polishes in the last 12 months to be able to justify them as being the top ones. I think my collection probably only grew by about 30-40 polishes last year, and those polishes are probably only over about 5-6 brands. Hardly a diverse selection to choose from. Plus, most of those polishes are ones I've bought, and I only drop my dollar on polishes that would genuinely make my top 20 anyway.

Let's start with instagram and with the five most liked posts, which were all videos, starting at number 5

5 - video of the ENAS flag stamping

4 - video of Bow polish tribal stamping decals

3 - video of sharpie watercolour

2 - video of rose decals

1 - application video of the Born Pretty mirror polish

Now to the posts with the most comments, counting down from number 5.

5 - one of only two photos to make it into the list, the Born Pretty mirror polish with 207 comments.

4 - the sharpie watercolour video (above) with 282 comments

3 - Neko Atsume photo YAY - 307 comments

- the Rub all the things video with 315 comments

1 - same as the most liked video - the Born Pretty application video of the mirror polish with 790 comments (Woah!)

Now to my blog and the top 5 posts from 2016 were...

5 - Clear Jelly Stampers review (nail hero)
4 - The Polish Chrome Wars Part 4 - What top coats can you use?
3 - The Polish Chrome Wars Part 3 - Do you HAVE to use a gel base?
2 - Born Pretty Store Mirror polish
1 - The Polish Chrome Wars - Rub all the things into your polish!

I should be noted that there well a lot of older posts from over the last 5 years that actually were higher that some of the top 5 posts, but I've only included the ones that were published last year.

So what have I learnt from all of that? Well, nothing, because it's exactly the same as the previous year. Last year I commented that it was clear that people want to see in depth reviews and trials of various nail things and that on instagram, videos rule.  All that still holds true.

The hard thing is that what people like reading isn't necessarily what I always feel like doing.  Videos are hard and detailed reviews are even harder and I don't ever want to end up feeling like I do this blog for a job again.  So whilst it might bring me more readers and more followers, it may not bring me joy, and really that is what I'm looking for in doing all this.

Coming up soon, my favourite nail art from 2016.

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  1. I think it's great to do the things that brings you joy - that's what counts in the end :) Happy new year! ♥


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