Tuesday, April 11, 2017

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Digital Dozen - Get to know me week - Day 2 - Hello Kitty

Whoo hoo, it's day 2.  I'm barely scraping it in with this one.  I literary just painted these on my nails, and if you pressed on them they would certainly still be dentable.

Yesterday it was nails for my son, today it's nails for my daughter.  Miss 6.  I can't believe I've been writing this blog longer that she has been on this planet!

It was a struggle to decide what to paint on my nails for her. She flip flops across so many favourite things. She too loves minecraft, but also really love My Little Pony.  I've already done many MLP manis for her. She also loves Dragons of Berk and Toothless and also has a favourite YouTuber, who is CookieSwirlC.  On a side note, I tell you, if you ever wanna make the big bucks through social media, then becoming a big time You tuber is the way to go.  Both the big ones that the kids follow have about 4 million plus subscribers, and did you know that from the ads in their videos alone these people are making between 1-4 million dollars a year!  What!  Why they hell aren't I working harder on doing videos instead of writing a stupid blog I ask myself.

Anyway, Miss 6's current favourite obsession is Hello Kitty. In fact she actually painted hello kitty on her own nails today freehand.  It was only tonight after I had tucked her into bed that I found the plate that I have with Hello Kitty on it.  I had to go and show here and she is now very excited to paint her nails tomorrow using the stamping image too.  


  1. This DD week is so fun -- it's great to hear about you talented ladies!! Even though I've been reading your blog for most, if not all, of your daughter's life -- it's cute to hear more about your family. You, not surprisingly, have the perfect pink on for HK - they're adorable!! Oh - and yeah -- why didn't we do the video thing again?? LOL

  2. Are you serious they make that kind of money? I didn't know. Seems impossible!!! I love your nails, but now I must brainstorm a YouTube channel!


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