Thursday, April 13, 2017

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Digital Dozen - Get to know me week - Day 4 - Crazy Cat Lady

Day 4 and today I join the league of Crazy Cat and Nail Ladies.  It's really incredible the number of nail polish ladies who are also crazy cat ladies.  In fact two of the Digital Dozen have already posted nail art about their kitty cats, did you see them already?

My struggle was how to incorporate all three of my kitties into one mani.  Then I remembered a I heart my cat image on one of my stamping plates and figured I could created the fur of each of my cats on the other three nails (and we wont even talk about what is on my thumb, deal!)

For each of my kittie fur nails I actually hand painted them all with fine brush strokes and everything, and then when I was just about finished I remembered by set of flocking powders.  They hardly ever get used, and cat fur seemed to be perfect time to pull them out.

Let's meet each of the girls.

First up is Nahla, on my index finger. She is my old grandma kitty who is about 19 years old.  She suffers all the same ailments that old cats do, like kidney failure and she is a tiny skinny little thing, but she is the most loving and cuddly kitty ever. The moment you sit down, she is on your lap. You often dont even realize that she is there cause she is so light.  We found her at the local shops with a huge wound under her arm.  No one seemed to own her so we took her to the local vet. She wasn't micro chipped, so after the vet stitched her up and she received antibiotics, she came home with us to her forever home. There have been a few times that we thought she was ready to cross the rainbow bridge, so every day we have with her is a bonus.

The next two are sisters, Tikki and Tavi.  They were a in a litter of three with their brother Rikki. Sadly we lost Rikki in 2015 because he had a tumor, it was very sudden and so sad.  In fact I've lost three kitties in the time I've had this blog.  Rikki, Tikki and Tavi belonged to a stray cat that we used to feed at our back door.  One day she just rocked up with kittens. So we captured them all, got the mother neutered and kept the kittens. They are about 12 years old. The mother cat was too wild to keep, so we just released her and kept feeding her until she didn't turn up one day :( (Mum I know you are reading this so don't get teary! *hugs*)

We have quite a history of feeding stray cats at our place. We live near a nature reserve and think that is where most of the strays hung out. We would capture them, neuter them and then release them cause they are wild.  My mum has had countless strays over the years and is now down to five cats! But as always, there is always another one that needs a loving forever home, so our numbers don't drop.


  1. I didn't know my being a cat lady correlated to my being a nail lady O_O
    I now need to go paint my nails tabby. LOL

  2. That is seriously the most creative nail art I've seen! You're a nail genius!

  3. Love your furry nails but even more I love your stories about kitties <3

  4. Omg I love this! Amazing job <3

  5. I wish there was a "like" button here as everyone who has posted here echo my own thoughts! Beautiful

  6. Your kitties look so sweet!


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