Saturday, April 1, 2017

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FUN Lacquer - Northern lights

Just a quick old swatch tonight.  I had surgery again on Wednesday on my foot to have the metal plates and screws removed. It's hurting me today and not feeling as good as it was feeling before the plates were removed, so I'm feeling kinda bummed about it and just want to curl up and have a snooze.

The swatch today is FUN Lacquer Northern Lights.  It's a gorgeous looking polishes, but really a very basic one.  It's just some blue/green colour shifting glitter in a clear base. Its disappointing when such a high end brand creates such as basic polish. I want to see a bit more creativity and design in my indie polishes than just one glitter in clear. 

Anyway, it's still very pretty, although it did need to be sponged on to get the full duochrome effect.  I first applied a single coat, the sponged it on until it was full coverage, and then applied about 3 layers of top coat to get the glassy smooth. The sponging process definitely made it a very rough texture.


  1. It looks gorgeous! But I totally agree, you buy Indies to get something more complex not less. Fun has quite a few of the glitter + clear base combo that requires quite a few coats. They all look gorgeous in many swatches though so I've also been disappointed sometimes..

  2. I don't even want to think about how much of a pain-in-the-butt that would be to remove...

    anyway. I hope your foot heals up quickly! was this (hopefully) the last planned surgery?


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