Monday, April 10, 2017

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Digital Dozen - Get to know me week - Day 1 - Minecraft and tbnrfrags

I can't believe it's another Digital Dozen week already.  Soon my blog is just going to be a Digital Dozen week followed by nothing for three weeks and then another Digital Dozen week!  Seriously things will start to get back to normal soon, especially when I'm back at work with regular schedule. I'm off work again following surgery last week, I'm nearly walking normally, which is great and things will only get better after the stitches are removed on Wednesday.

Anyway, enough about me, and lets got on with today mani.  Oh hang on this weeks theme is get to know me, so I guess we will be talking about me for a bit longer.

Truth is, I didn't realise that DD week started today, so I actually had nothing else prepared. However I did do these nails for the weekend for my son and his 9th birthday party.  When I thought about it, my number 1 kiddo is a huge part of what makes me 'me', so talking about him and the inspiration for this mani was appropriate.

So yeah, my boy had his birthday party this weekend, although his birthday isn't for a few more weeks, with term one school holidays, Easter and ANZAC day all in the next two weeks it was easiest to plan something early.

He likes minecraft, he is obsessed with it.  He'd skip school to play if we let him.  He plays on his iPad and on PC and his skill are really quite phenomenal from my perspective for a young kid.  He is amazing a creating electronic circuitry using red-stone and he has recently started making his own server and using command blocks.  

Most of the stuff he has learnt is off YouTube videos, which really is what this is about.  His favourite YouTuber is PrestonPlayz, also know as tbnrfrags.  My middle name features his minecraft skin and my ring finger is the PrestonStylez fire logo.  We even bought some Preston Stylez clothes for him with the fire logo on it for his birthday, so my nails matched his outfit on the day.

For the nails, it's a bit of a combo of freehand and temporary tattoos.  The diamond sword and the green creeper are both temporary tattoos applied over a gradient.  The middle two fingers where painted free hand with nail polish.  My thumbs had the 'Minecraft' word tattoos.

Here's a shot of it glossy before I made it matte.

He also recently created himself a YouTube account where he is starting to upload some of his minecraft game play from various servers, particularly Hypixel.  For his birthday cake, we ordered an ice-cream cake and got them to decorate it with the YouTube play button and his account name - Baydenator8.  We also printed out skins of his favourite YouTubers in edible paper and placed them around the cake.


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  2. These look amazing Cathy! And your son's cake looks so good as well. I hope your recovery continues to go well and you can get back to "normal". I imagine you would be so frustrated at this point :(
    Tracy xx

  3. Minecraft is a fun game and definitely something I'd rather have my future kids playing than many other games :)


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