Monday, October 9, 2017

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Digital Dozen does Throwback week - Day 1

Well that was a nice little weeks break from the blog to recover from the 31 day challenge.  But no more time to rest, it's time to get into another Digital Dozen week.

The theme this week is Throwback. I wasn't really sure if I should be doing throwback manis representing different decades, or to past mani's that I had done. And I guess it doesn't really matter, cause we get to interpret the prompts however we like.  I decided to look back through the prompts from before I was a member and I chose to recreate or be inspired by some of the previous DD manis for those prompts.

This first one is from the Metal prompt way back in June 2014, and a design done by Vic from Glowstars. Unfortunately the photos for this aren't on her blog anymore, but it's fair to say that my effort is far less blingy that hers was.

These were fun. Practical, no, but fun, yes! I pulled out all my gold bits, hearts, circles, dots of various sizes, squares, those eye shaped ones that I don't know what they are called, shells, star fish, gold swarovski crystals and little gold glass balls. Removal was a pain in the butt, cause I generally like to save my embellishments to reuse (except the tiny balls), and they all got stuck in my cotton round.


  1. These are insanely neat! Every time I look at them I notice something new! How fun!!

  2. OMG! So much "happenig" on Your nails! Too much for me :D

  3. This is super fun. Every time I look at it, I see something new!


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