Wednesday, October 25, 2017

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Time to wear some VHTF polishes - Clarins 230, the original unicorn pee

I have another special polish today, the most sort after original Unicorn Pee, Clarins 230.  Very similar pigments to the original unicorn pee pigment are now available in lots of indie brands, so this polish has been well and truly covered as far as attempted dupes. But just like I said the other day, there is something special about owning the actual original of one of the HTF polishes, rather than the dupe.

I've already worn this and shown it on my blog a few times, but I've actually never worn this on it's own, without layering.  So that's what I did this time.

You're going to need patience to wear this alone, cause it takes a lot of coats. And cause it takes a lot of coats, you're going to want to do thin coats so you don't start a polish mountain.  I ended up doing 5 coats for this mani, followed by a single layer of top coat.  Whilst there might not be much tint in the base, there is a heap of the unicorn pee pigment, which means at five layers the depth of sparkle is just amazing.

I took about 100 photos in various lighting conditions, and here are the best of them. It's so damn hard to capture both the green and red sparkle in the same photo.


  1. Wow, gorgeous! I have this and have actually never worn it- if you can believe it.

    1. You must! It's lovely on its own, but if you want to use fewer coats, it's fantastic over black, deep red, purple, etc.

    2. What!, actually I totally get what you are saying. I bought Chanel Holographic and it took months for me to put it on!

  2. Wow!!!
    This nail polish is perfect!!!
    My wish!!! My dream!!!


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