Saturday, October 28, 2017

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26 Great Nail Art Ideas - Halloween with negative space

Around this time last year was when I shared the last mani I created for the 26 Great Nail Art Ideas Challenge. Then I had my motorcycle accident and didn't end up rejoining the challenge again.  This year I'm back in, and we have only just started. If you like to paint nail art and want to join in the challenge, then please come join the facebook group to get all the details. All nail artists are welcome to participate and the rules aren't too strict, it's ok to miss weeks if you are too busy and we only post one mani every two weeks.

The prompt is Halloween with negative space.  Negative space can be tricky, especially if you have stained nails, which is why you will usually find that I do the negative part towards the back part of my nail. 

I just free hand painted on random shapes using the three classic Halloween shades of green, purple and orange. I then just painted the black like to make the patchwork appearance.


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