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The Polish Chrome Wars Part 10 - Are all multichrome powders the same?

To say it's been a while since I last did a post in my series about chrome powders would be a serious understatement. In fact, I don't think I could I have sat on this post for much longer!  I reckon I've had these photos edited and this post sitting here waiting to be written up for more than a year!  But at least these are things I bought myself, and not products sent for review. Then I'd be in real trouble!

In August last year I shared my swatches of the chrome pigments available at the time from Born Pretty.  Of course a year has gone by now, and they have added to their range since then, but back when I did these photos these were the only powders you could get from the BP store. So I may as well show you the comparison of the iridescent type chrome powders (the ones that are white crystallized looking powders) compared to the coloured multi chrome powders.

The multichrome powders I have here are the ones from What's Up nails. I've since got the similar powders from Born Pretty Store so I will be able to compare them, but I think I'll make you all wait a year for that! Haha.
All my swatches of the powders are applied over a black base of Dance Legend Black glitter base.

Here is a photo of the two types of chrome powders, even those these two end up looking similar on the nail, they look completely different in the jar.

The first one is Absinthe from What's up nails.

Here is the comparison the the similar shade in the iridescent multichrome powder range from the Born Pretty Store #585.  The Born Pretty one is actually sparklier, but the finish isn't as smooth and the multichrome shift nowhere near as strong.

Next up is Dragon from What's up nails. Amazing color shift on this one.

The next three shots show the comparison with Born Pretty iridescent multichrome powder #681.

Here is Paradise from What's up nails.

Born Pretty #587 is very similar in colour and shift, but again the finish isn't as smooth and its sparklier and more metallic looking.

Finally, here is Royality from What's Up Nails.

There isn't really a colour that matches the intensity of this one in the Born Pretty iridescent multichrome range, but #583 is probably the closest.

For $1.99 a pot, the Born Pretty ones really hold their own, especially when not compared to the expensive brands of powders.  But are they the same - No!

It will be interesting when I compare the BP Chameleon Powders and What's up powders to see if they really are identical.

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  1. Hi! I must sua that these powders are pure power! The effect is astonishing! I really like all manis... amazing indeed!
    Have a nice day!
    Antonia ♤ Rock ur Nails!


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