Tuesday, July 10, 2018

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Digital Dozen does White - Multichrome flakies

Thank goodness for another Digital Dozen week to force me to post something here. Otherwise I think this blog would fall into oblivion!  It's tough to keep it going after eight years, but as long as I remember that I do this for fun and for myself, then I think it will keep going, cause we all know I don't do it for the readers, because I don't think anyone comes by here anymore.

Now to this weeks theme. It's White. I love open themes like this. I really wasn't sure what to paint, but then I drew inspiration from the Digital Dozen Black week that we did in February last year.  So for my first mani, I recreated the same mani I did with black polish. Well sort of. You see I realized that if I did it exactly the same then the two manis would look identical. That's because the multichrome flakies are not opaque and the base colour doesn't show through.  Instead of rubbing the multichrome flakies over the entire nail, I did it more random and sparingly.

Here is a macro where I managed to capture the multichrome shift on a few bits.

And then to make it like the black version, I stamped over it (and probably ruined it a little), as I preferred it with just the splatter effect.


  1. Loved it so much, I posted it on my Pinterest https://pin.it/777icsqhojnpgf. But you are right about the stamping. See you really do still have readers!

  2. I love the flakies on a white base, and the way you let some base show under them. And the macro reminded me of some old drop-dead gorgeous macro of yours that introduced me to your blog. Thanks for keeping us entertained and bringing beauty into our lives.

  3. Flakies! They are what actually got me excited about nail polish. And now I hardly ever use them - need to change that! For this time of year (summer in the northern hemisphere), I do prefer a white base. I might go ahead and do something similar to your mani. I'm not into stamping so I'll keep mine simpler. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Chicky, I see every new post. =) You give me a reason to visit my own blog to get to the link lol.

  5. Your blog has had a dedicated page open on my phone for the last 4 years! I know I can always get a quality nail art fix at a glance, thanks to you ��

  6. I've been reading your blog for over 5 yrs and love both your mani's and what you say.I'm a loyal fan.


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