Monday, August 13, 2018

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Digital Dozen does Tropical - Day 1 - Gradient with fern leaves

Whoo hoo, I'm back with another Digital Dozen week, and again another comment about the fact that I haven't posted anything since the last Digital Dozen week.  Once again I have wonderful reason for my absence.  We are just a few short weeks away from our grand epic adventure to the USA for 7 weeks - so we have been planning our arses off for that. Plus we decided we would renovate all our bathrooms whilst we were away, cause it's just easier to do it that way rather than be home for all the banging and building.  But that means we have been busy picking out tiles and fittings to ensure the builder knows what we want whilst we are away.  So year, blogging came a very long way down the list.

But, I am ready for the entire week, because I actually thought the Digital Dozen week was last week and pushed myself to get all my nail art finished, but it was a whole week early.

First up is a nice simple gradient with stamping.  You just can't go wrong with something like this. Although I do wish I was a bit more creative and attempted some double stamping, like @Clairestelle8, who was my inspiration for this art.


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