Wednesday, August 15, 2018

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Digital Dozen does Tropical - Day 3 - Neon palms

Get your sunglasses out people, because these nails are bright!  I was inspired by a nail design I saw in google images, but it's not watermarked so I'm not able to determine who actually did it (and reverse image searches only take me to websites that are reposting the design).

Nothing says tropical like neon polish and palm trees.  The only change I would like to make to this mani is the stamp the palm trees rather than paint them freehand.  But I couldn't be bothered searching through all my plates to find one with a few different palm trees.  I tell you, when is someone going to develop and app that allows you to search for a stamping image by description and then bring back a list of plates across all the different stamping plate brands. I know I would sure pay for that!


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