Wednesday, August 29, 2018

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The 31 Day Nail Art Challenge 2018

September is almost here, and that means the 31 Day Challenge is almost here, too!

But.... I have a problem this year. I am going overseas and travelling to the USA for all of September and October. Sadly I have not prepared 31 days of nail art, so I'm going to have to postpone my participation until later this year. 

The good thing is that anyone can participate in the 31 Day Challenge whenever they want, or at whatever pace they want. I plan to participate in the 31 Day challenge in November 2018, when I return from our travels. This will be my 6th year participating and again I'm looking forward to the challenge.

This also means I wont be posting here on my blog for the next two months.  I will be back I promise, I'm just off travelling the world with the Fam.

As per previous years, I invite you to all to the challenge, whether you do it during September, or join me later in November (or in fact do it at any other time).

If you are unfamiliar with the challenge, check out the 31 Day Challenge FAQ and inlinkz to learn more. Looking for the inlinkz? they're on the same page.  I've made the inlinkz open through until the end of the year, so if you want to participate you have plenty of time to add your mani to the linkz. Don't forget that you can link to Instagram too.

Finally, make sure to use this year's hashtag: #31DC2018

Here are the 31 Day Challenge prompts for 2018! Feel free to share, repost, upload to your blog, put on Instagram, etc. Click to enlarge.

Will you be joining us? Let me know in the comments?


  1. I hope so, but it always sneaks up on me! I'm currently doing uni and I'll be going to the US for an emergency visit because my mum is having a quadruple-bypass, so I'll definitely be going at my own pace!

  2. Ooo I wasn't sure we'd all be doing this again, but I was playing with the idea of at least making a set of the colors nails again. The super relaxed deadlines sound fantastic to me. Have fun in the states! There's a lot to love here, even if it seems like all the crazy uncles have broken out of the insane asylum. :D

  3. I'm in ! Ready for september (and november to see your art) ! Thanks for the inlinkz. Enjoy your family trip !

  4. Thank you so much for setting us up with the challenge prompts and InLinkz! I plan to have a go this year too :)

  5. This looks enticing and definitely a great challenge for artistic girls who loves colour gel nail polish. Let's see who has the most creative mind and may the best win.


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