Wednesday, February 13, 2019

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Glass caviar bead nail art for Digital Dozen does Texutre

It’s day two, and I’ve bumped up the texture, but only did it on two nails per hand (you can’t see my thumb).  But even still, OMG these caviar bead drove me insane!  In fact as soon as I got home from work that day I removed the caviar beads from my nails and redid those four fingers just as a regular three colour gradient.  Actually you can't even tell there is a gradient behind the beads I've not realised! I then ended up wearing that mani for five days.  

Pretty Serious polishes wear so well on me.  I had zero tip wear on this at the end of the five days, and only messed them up because I was trying to remove Sharpie marker numbers of my kids arms and legs after participating in the Weetbix Try-athalon on the weekend.  It wouldn't budge with isopropyl alcohol, so ended up using acetone on them.

Despite me loathing how these felt on my nails, I actually did quite like the appearance.  These are pale pink glass caviar beads that I got in the Ulta3 nail art box about 5 years go. When you catch them in the right light, they reflect the light back out and end up giving off a reflective glow, just like road signs at night.


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