Friday, February 15, 2019

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Sweater knit nails for Digital Dozen does texture

Al-rightly now, I've managed to make it to day 3. I've wanted to try this sort of design for a while now, and of course a Digital Dozen prompt is the best way to get started.

Firstly, don't these sweater knit nails look like they are a little bit soft and fluffy.  Well let me tell you they are any but soft and fluffy. These things feel bullet proof.  

I started with a PVA glue base, with the hopes of being able to peel this off later. That is because I used gel polish. This is a grey shade from Australian brand Gelicious.  I did two thin coats of this grey shade, curing in between.  I don't have a matte top coat gel polish, and as it turns out my OPI Matte top coat is 100% totally empty. I need a new bottle. So to get the matte base I used Nailtek foundation III, as it has a nice matte finish.  

I then painted each nail one at a time with the knit pattern using a fine brush. Before curing it, and before the gel polish self levels too much, I sprinkled some acrylic nail powder of my nail. That stuff is so fine it's almost like talc.  Then you just tap off the excess powder and cure. Really it's very easy, but because of the gel polish and acrylic powder, they are so damn hard and really quite rough.

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  1. Those look great! I wish there was a way to make textured nails like these without having to use gel. I hope the peel-off basecoat worked!


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