Thursday, September 26, 2019

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31DC2019 - Inspired by a pattern - Mickey ears

Can you believe we only have 6 days left in the challenge. I see the light people! We are nearly there.

The prompt for today Inspired by a Pattern. Sometimes in previous years, I think I’ve ended up doing more of a design print for this prompt, rather than strictly a pattern,. A pattern is described as a design where the elements of the pattern are repeated in a predicable manner. So that is exactly what I went for this time with a repeating Mickey ears pattern in a multitude of colours.

I created these as stamped decals, and made quite a whoopsie on the ring ringer. Can you spot it?  I accidentally applied the decal upside down, which means the edges of the black outline is painted over, where I was colouring in the decals. I’m lucky my colouring in was pretty neat. I probably shouldn’t have mentioned it, otherwise you may get not have noticed.

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  1. They say great minds think alike, or perhaps we are both Disney lovers. Lol, I chose Mickey ears too. I came soo close to doing rainbow and then chose classic black and white with a matte top coat for a chalk on chalkboard effect. I love what you did here!


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