Wednesday, October 2, 2019

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31DC2019 Recap

Once again, it's time for my recap post. I love doing this at the end of every year following the 31 Day Challenge, to look back at some stats around which were my most popular and least popular designs.

On Instagram, my most liked manicure was orange design, but with added help. On Instagram I applied some werble effects and actually made my nails look like fire. If I don't count that as my most popular, because it was a very different post, then it was my glitter placement as the next most popular.

On my blog, my most visited blog post for the challenge was my red design. But I reckon that is only because it was the first post of the challenge.

My least visited mani on my blog was the geometric design.  I can't even tell you yet what my least liked mani on Instragram is because I haven't finished posting them all there yet. Sorry, I'm a slacker!

Here is a recap of my all manis. You can click through to each post by clicking on the images. I'd love to know which one you liked best and which was the most popular nail design you created on your blog or IG?

Also, make sure you go over to Buff and Polish and grab one of the finisher badges for your blog or insta if you made it the whole way!.

31 Day Challenge 2019

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  1. They are all amazing in their own way. I admire you did them all. :)


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