Monday, October 14, 2019

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Digital Dozen does Colours that collide - Fluid nail art Day 1

It's another Digital Dozen week and the theme this week is colours that collide.  I thought for a while about how I would interpret the prompt this week, and I've ended up settling on my own personal theme for the week, that being Fluid Art.

Acrylic Fluid Art on canvas is all the rage at the moment, in fact I wasted quite a bit of time watching fluid art pour videos on Youtube. They are so satisfying to watch I tell you.

I've been reading about lots of different ways to do fluid nail art, and I thought I would try out a bunch of them this week and see what works for me. I plan to use a range of transforming top coats, as well and making my own transforming top coat based on all the cool experimenting other crazy nail ladies have done.

This first look is made using a transforming top coat from Sinful colours.  This ones is the pastel purple one called PurPunk, which you actually can hardly see in this design. To get the mix of colours, I just did drops of all the polishes onto a silicone mat and then pressed a large stamper into it.  After removing the stamping all the cells start to appear like magic.  These Sinful transforming top coats (offically called Hypnotic Transforming top coats) work so well for this type of nail art.

Ok, no bring on a week of Fluid nail art.

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  1. Gorgeous look, can't wait to see your further experimentation with fluid art! Sinful is hard to come across where I live so I only have one special polish from Dance legend to do similar styles.


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