Monday, June 28, 2010

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Gold holo comparisons

Here I have done a comparison swatch of some of my holographic polishes.  I class these ones as the 'golds', compared to the 'browns' and 'beiges' of future comparison swatches.

This first pic was in the sun and shows from left right:
Index - Art Form - Gold
Middle - China Glaze - GR8
Ring - OPI DS Classic
Pinky - China Glaze - It's my turn

Here are the same indoors.

Art Form Gold is really more a platinum colour and GR8 is the only real yellow gold.  'It's my turn' is slightly more yellow than DS Original which can just be seen in these pics.

I can't pick a favourite amogst these, but I could probably say that my least favourite is GR8, only because I prefer a less yellow gold polish.


  1. Art form Gold is gorgeous! The others are too but it stands out to me.

  2. I have DS Classic and LOVE it!! I'm getting more into the holos and the DS but that one was my first, so I guess Im a little impartial!!
    Great comps.

  3. I love Art Form Gold, so pretty!

  4. Wow these are such fantastic colours! I really love Art Form Gold (I had to check I was looking at the right colour because like you said, it was really platinum, and not quite gold!) but all of them look gorgeous on you!

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