Thursday, June 3, 2010

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MIA and Ulta3 package

The weather has been so cold and overcast here in Canberra recently that I just haven't got any swatching done.  And I have been wearing the same manicure since Sunday night!! OMG can you believe it.  I must say my current mani is pretty cool (I have taken some indoor pics which I will show in another post) The mani I'm wearing is Zoya Mimi with Nfu Oh Flakey layered over the top - the wear has been increadible.

Also, a couple of weeks back I received an amazing package in the mail from the Heat Group in Australia, who are responsbile for Max Factor, Cover Girl, Bourjois, Ulta3 and Elite.  The package contained 40+ regular ulta3 polishes, 11 speed dry Ulta3s and a couple each of Max Factor, Cover Girl and Bourjois polishes.

I haven't had time to swatch the new polishes yet, which is just killing me.  There is one polish with this amazing wide brush that you only need to do one swipe and I can't wait to try it.  Some are new brands for me too, which I always love trying.

Most of the Ulta3 polishes are ones that I already own, so I have been trying to work out the best way to give them away to my readers.  Unfortunately the cost of internatioanl postage for my last giveaway was an absolute killer, around $60, so while I would love to give some to everyone, I just can't afford the postage.  Can you belive that it cost $10 to post a single polish to the USA!!  If you have any good ideas for me to giveaway these 40 polishes (some are dupes), then let me know.


  1. ooh awesome, lucky you, adore your ulta3 guide always coming back to look at it :)

  2. Maybe a swap where ur both paying postage?
    I am yet to post a package to the keeping my fingers crossed I don't need a loan!

  3. woww how did you manage to receive such a huge package from the heat group?! thats awesome!

  4. I wanted to ask the same question as Krissy. Is this the package from that time that the woman at The Heat Group promised she'd send over extra freebies so that you could give them away? If so, she was sureeee generous!

    And WOW!! 8) I AM SO JEALOUS! times about 1000!! The perks of being a blogger! And you've practically only just started blogging.

    I'm seeing some ulta3 colours in that group that I haven't got, but would love... :P It's great that you're going to give them away again, very kind of you!

    I didn't know that The Heat Group also distributed Covergirl, MaxFactor and Bourjois! You learn something new every day.

  5. Good to see that you've been rewarded for your colour guide! It is very helpful and the heatgroup should be grateful - I'm sure it's helped to boost their ulta3 sales along with the Vogue thread :)

    Any new ulta3 colours? More bluey purples would be cool... Can't wait to see new swatches! Btw, you should check out TBN sometimes - apparently their brushes are awesome

  6. Hey kitties, I have a request. Could you do a swatch of ulta3's Crystallina as a top layer over another creme colour? I'd like to see if it can be used to glitterise an otherwise ordinary colour because it has such potential.

    Thank you!

  7. I'm so slack - sorry I've been in non-blog land for a few days. I don't know how some of you gals keep your blogging enthusiasm going so strong all the time! Ok to answer some questions:

    How did I manage to get such a huge package, well, I kinda don't know. I just sent them an email with a link to my colour guide and asked to be kept informed about any new releases, and they wrote back saying thanks for the support and they would send some polishes for me to include in my first giveaway. The polishes didn't arrive in time for my giveaway so I didn't get to post about them then. But now I have this massive stash that I can giveaway.

    Jemima - I would love to see some bluey purples too, or some holos! I have a few TBNs, but I haven't found anywhere that stocks them here in Canberra.

    Joan - I would love to do a couple of swatches for you of Crystallina over other cremes. I just love getting ideas from other people. Thanks! Hopefully I will get some sunshine on the weekend. At the moment the sun isn't up when I leave for work, and it sets before I get home. And I haven't been able to get good photos indoors with artificial lights yet.

  8. ...I feel your international shipping pain. I just shipped off a package to AU and I was cringing at $30 USD. :( It's just so painful to ship things internationally. And the paperwork... >.<

    On a light-hearted note, all the polish-happy folk should have our own sort of postal service. :D Polish Parcels.


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