Wednesday, November 3, 2010

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New Utla3 colours

Where have I been?  Not that I think anyone actually cares (I know the reason your here, and it's to see nail polish swatches) I'll be quick...  We'll I'm now just over seven months pregnant, and the truth is that the idea and smell of nail polish and polish remover has just made me feel like vomiting.  Weird hey!!  Its not effecting me as much anymore, and nothing makes me want to wear polish more than spotting six new Ulta3 colours in the polish bin at my local chemist!!

I'm about a month late in showing you the new ulta3 colours, but here they all are:

Carrot top, Party shoes, Frog prince, Purple pumps, Cocoa bean and Earl Grey.

Some are cool new colours, others are almost dupes of existing Ulta3 colours. 
Swatches coming with comparisons were relevant (and they will be added to my colour guide soon).


  1. Welcome back! And I DO CARE where you have been....I have missed you!
    Congrats on the baby!

    I saw these colors at my local chemist last week but none of the colors jumped out at I am most interested to see your swatches.

  2. YAY you're back and congrats on the bub - how exciting :D

    I must get some of these new colours <3

  3. Thanks gals, I can't believe that you still came back to my blog after four months!! I promise swatches are on the way!

  4. Great blog. I just discovered it today!

    I'm wearing Ulta3's Cocoa Bean today. I've been playing with so many brights, flakies, glitters and konads lately...its really nice to get back to a neutral. Browns don't normally do it for me but this is a great shade. Something very honest about a good glossy creme =)

  5. Congratulations on babby!
    And welcome back to blogging! :)


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