Monday, November 8, 2010

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Ulta3 Purple pumps

Let's all say it together 'oooohhhhhhh'.  It reminds me of hubba bubba bubble gum in grape flavour.  This was two coats and a top coat of ulta3 non-chip.  It really needed the top coat cause it dried with some flat (not quite matte) patches.

Comparisons... Purple pumps on index and pinky, Purple passion on the middle finger, Spring break on the ring finger.

There is nothing like it in the ulta3 range.  Soooo cool, what a great creme colour.


  1. Yep, pretty cool! It looks a little like CC Mrs Robinson...??

  2. Welcome back Kitties! :D Congrats on the baby. We've definitely missed you and your swatches, no one comes close to being ulta3 swatching queen. And now I can finally see swatches of the new colours, I was too unsure about getting them and the swatches I'd seen so far didn't help much.


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