Thursday, November 11, 2010

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Ulta3 Earl Grey

Hello again, I've been up in sunny (and wet) Brisbane/Gold Coast for the last week and only had a couple of opportunities to jump on my hubby's laptop. But now I'm back home and can show you the last two of the new colours.

Earl grey.  I love this colour, I think it will be the most popular in the range.  It's a beautiful neutral taupe brown/grey.  A perfectly work appropriate polish. Silky smooth and totally opaque in two coats.  This was without a top coat.

No comparison swatches this time.  Why?  Becuase there really isn't any other colour in the Ulta3 range that was even close enough to compare to.


  1. Oh yes I want this <3 might go hunting tomorrow!

  2. I love this colour! I've never tried the Ulta3 polishes because I assumed the cheap price would mean they were crap, but I've heard such good things! Will definitely go searching tomorrow for this colour!


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