Friday, November 12, 2010

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Ulta3 Frog Prince

Ribbit... Yep, there's definitely 'frog' in this one, not so sure about the 'prince' though.  Seriously, would anyone actually wear this colour on a normal day. 

I actually think the time of it's release is pretty good, coming up to Christmas and all.  I think would make some awesome Christmas manis.  In previous years I've done the alternating red and green polish on each finger (with a couple of coats of glitter).  In fact I think I will have to do that for my work Christmas party, maybe 'pepper pot' with 'red glitter' and 'frog prince' with 'charmed' glitter.  Cool.

Anyway, more about Frog prince. This polish didn't dry matte, but it didn't dry with a nice shiny gloss either.  This was two coats and you can still see a nail line. Formula was good.

Here it is in a comparison with NYC (found in the same ulta3 bins) 'jelly'.  This photo was take two weeks after the above photo (and is a rather shitful swatch).  I did it in a rush (to try and catch the sun - which I didn't) and got cat hair stuck in the index nail (which I then dragged out and tried to cover with another coat, which bubbled - fail)

Jelly is lighter and more fluro (obviously).  It is also much sheerer.  I'm actually diggin' this alternate green shade look, I'd keep it on if I hadn't done such a crappy job at application.


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