Thursday, November 4, 2010

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Ulta3 Carrot Top

Now for the swatches. Carrot top. Went on great and had good opacity.  It's a really nice bright orange-red.  This was two coats, no top coat. Good glossy finish. (Wow, four months off swatching and you start to loose your technique, sorry about the messy application and dry cuticles)

And now some quick comparisons to other similar ulta3 colours. This swatch shows Carrot top on the index and pinky, Fire on the middle finger and Tahiti on the ring finger.

Tahiti is definitly more orange and fluro and you can clearly see the difference.  The difference between Fire and Carrot top however is almost impossible to see.  Colour wise I think they are dupes when on the nail, although Carrot top does look a tiny bit more orange in the bottle.  The main difference for me was the opacity.  Carrot top had better pigment, but only just marginally.

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  1. Yay, glad to see you're back!!!
    Luckily I resisted temptation and didn't pick up carrot top after seeing your comparison with fire which I already have. I do have earl grey and cocoa bean though which are fab.


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