Thursday, May 3, 2012

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BSJ Diamonds

I want to get a post up tonight, but I haven't downloaded any photos off my camera.  So today you will get some photos of a polish I wore a work or two ago.  

This is BSJ Diamonds Holographic polish. I think its just called #4. I got this in a swap with Neelai from the Philippines, who blogs over at naiL staSh. She makes lovely frankens (especially since she just got some spectraflair :) and she also takes amazing photos of her manis. 

This is a lovely light copper shaded holographic polish.  Not only is it holo, but it has a slightly metallic finish too.   Just my sort of colour!  And even though it is freezing here tonight in Canberra, just seeing this colour makes it feel warm and sunny.

I love being able to do swaps for polishes from brands that I have never heard of, especially when they are as lovely as this holo polish.


  1. This is very pretty and I would love to wear that colour but copper and gold just do not look good on me.

  2. Wow that really sparkles! Stunning holo!!

  3. I need me some Holo to warm me up too. I hate winter and it's neighbouring months.

  4. I m soo lemming for holos!! If u wanna do an indian swap..lemme knw :) but we dont get holos here :(

  5. Cool color! Its almost orange!

  6. this is one of my bsj favorite.. its amazing that most of the colors of these brand is OPI DS dupe...


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