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Pertty Serious Cosmetics - Hello World polish review

I'm very pleased to show you three of the six new polishes that are to be released for sale this coming Monday 14 May.  Our awesome buddy Kaz from Pretty Random has done some amazing work to put together her new line of cosmetics - Pretty Serious Cosmetics.  She is releasing six polishes, six loose eye powders and six lip glosses, all part of her Hello World collection.

Above is a quick shot of the beautiful packaging for the bottles.  And below is a photo of the box that arrived.  I love that these have the same branding on large postage labels.  It's these professional extra touches that I love, and really makes it stand out as an established business with money, planning and a strong brand concept behind it.

Kaz sent me three nail shades to swatch and review.  Forbidden Fruit, BSOD and CGA.  So let's get right into them.

BSOD which stands for the Blue Screen of Death!  I think the name of this polish is great.  Any PC user certainly knows what the Blue Screen of Death is, and it's a great name to match her Hello World theme.  For those that aren't in the geeky IT industry, 'Hello World' is traditionally the first program that a developer learns regardless of what device or language they are coding in.

BSOD is a stunning blue jelly with fine square blue glitter suspended in it.  The glitter is not too dense that all you see is solid glitter, instead you see a beautiful depth to the jelly with glitter at various levels.  

This is two coats of BSOD, with one coat of Seche Vite top coat.  The formula on this was excellent and the brush great.  I didn't do any clean up for this swatch, so that just shows how nicely it went on.  For a glitter polish, it was great that this didn't dry too gritty that it needed three or four coats of top coat.  Just one coat was enough.

In the sun, the blue glitters are very sparkly.

Check out this macro.  If I ever got a real blue screen of death this pretty, I'd just sit there and stare at it.

CG, which I believe relates to the old Colour Graphics Adapter circa early 1980's!  This is a light pinky mauve shade with an interesting shimmer.  I can't actually tell if it's a light green or a light blue shimmer, but either was it's really pretty.  This is two coats with Seche Vite top coat.  Formula on this was also good.

In the shade this polish almost looks like a creme polish.

In this macro, you can see the light blue (or is it green) shimmer.

Lastly is Forbidden Fruit.  When looking at bottle pictures of this I thought it was a stark white, but it is actually the lightest grey colour.  It too has a hidden shimmer, this time in silver.  What I love about the shimmer in this one is that it makes you nails look like they are sparkling wet.

This was three coats of Forbidden Fruit.  Two might have done it, but I wanted to ensure I didn't have any patches show up in the photos.  This was the thickest of the three polishes I received, but considering this is a white polish, I found the formula quite good.  White polishes for me are usually a gluggy mess.  This swatch is also without cleanup, so it shows it can be applied neatly if care is taken on application.

I think I have found my new favourite white polish.  I'm looking forward to wearing this under Lynnderella's Snow Angel.

Next, I broke a nail, check out that pinky now!  But because I wanted to wear one of these polishes as a full mani to test out the wear, I just filed that tip and stuck with it.

Given the theme of the Hello World collection, I looked through my plates to see what geeky images I could find.  How could I go past these apple icons!  I tried to stamp these using Layla Mirror effect in Metal Chrome, but I couldn't get it to transfer for the life of me.  I ended up using Black as Ebony and the stamping was ok, but certainly not my best.  I think those mirror polishes dry too fast for good stamping.  But if you can manage to pickup and transfer a design the finish is really good.

It was only afterwards, when I was editing my photos that I realised this polish is called Forbidden Fruit and that I had stamped the apples on it (for a totally different reason).  What a cool coincidence!

Wear on this polish was good.  I wore this two days with no chips and minimal tip wear.

Kaz did a FAQ post on her blog earlier today where she answers whether her polishes are animal tested, vegan and if she ships internationally (among many other question).  Check it out if you haven't already.  You can pick these up from Monday for $9.95 a bottle from


  1. gorgeous, gorgeous, sheer gorgeousness!! i was thinking of only getting a few, but now i see i'll have to get the lot

  2. That blue looks like the blue version of China Glaze Ruby Pumps!

  3. BSOD and Forbidden Fruit are amazing!!! And It's good to see Forbidden Fruit has a good formula. The first thing I look for when I see a white polish reviewed is how thick was it :P

  4. Awesome swatches, definitely going to need BSOD & Forbidden Fruit

  5. I'm crazy about the blue sparkle!!!

  6. Gorgeous. You make these look so good Cathy! And to think I'm just finishing writing up my post about these too, heehee!

  7. I love BSOD, and quite CGA too. Great swatches thanks

  8. At first I totally didn't "get" Forbidden Fruit or how it fit into the tech theme, but then when you stamped with the apples it TOTALLY clicked for me!!! It's a Mac book lol!!!

  9. BSOD is gorgeous and the name is funny. I've definitely had more than enough experience with that and it sucks, but at at least the color doesn't. Forbidden Fruit is also awesome.

  10. So so so so cool! I love all of them!

  11. Forbidden Fruit is my favorite!

  12. Oh, I really do love BSOD! Very nice pictures!

  13. I've got BSOD and Tux on their way to me, can't wait to see BSOD in person!


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