Saturday, May 5, 2012

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Layla - The Butterfly Effect 52

Like I said yesterday, these new Layla polishes jumped straight to the top of my 'must wear now' list.  This is Layla Ceramic Effect polish  number 52, The Butterfly Effect.

As you can see this is a gorgeous purple jelly polish with red shifting to green flakies.  Hello Nfu Oh 51 dupe alert!

Here is lots of photos of this polish, trying to capture the oh so pretty green flash to the flakies.

Some of these photos show the purple jelly looking much darker that it really is, the above photo would be the most accurate for the purple colour.

Here is a bit of the green, it's much easier to see in real life.

Like I said earlier, dupe alert for Nfu Oh 51.  I did a quick swatch comparison with both one and two coats of these polishes.  As you can see they are very similar, the purple jelly shade is exactly the same, it's just that the Layla poilsh is slightly more pigmented.  Which in my opinion is fantastic, because it means you can get it opaque in just two coat, rather than the normal three that Nfu Oh 51 takes.

Again, I got these polishes directly from the Layla Cosmetics website and they cost €7.60.  The bottle size is only 10 ml, although it feels much bigger because it's a tall bottle with a long brush.

I'm three for three with these Layla Ceramic Effects.  I'm wondering if I should have got more than the six I did get!


  1. I love the depth of this polish! Stunning!

  2. love your pics especially the ones showing how much fire is in this polish. I've had so many compliments wearing this polish, it is really special and your photos capture that perfectly

  3. so gorgeous, thanks for the comparison

  4. i love your blog so i have given you a lovely blog award! check it out
    hugs tara xx

  5. This is beautiful! These kinds of polishes make me weak in the knees.

  6. That's awesome! Thanks for the dupe alert!

  7. LOVE this! I want it! Great comparison!

  8. I must own this!

  9. I went to order this from the link you provided...but AUD $38 shipping?! Unless you spend over a hundred? That's beyond obnoxious. I'll wait for it to hit the shops.

    1. Angie, that's why I organised a group order for Aussie gals. We were able to share the cost of international shipping (which was only 15 euro because of the amount of polish ordered), so it was only about $2 each! I'm going to do another group order when the new holo colours come out, so email me if you want in.

    2. I'm in! I've just sent you an email. Thanks x


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