Sunday, May 20, 2012

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Ozotic 745 a polish with two personalities

I've got a really cool duo-chome polish to show you today from Ozotic.  I swatched this last weekend before I broke several nails and I really love how this looks.  I can honesty say this polish really has two completely different personalities.

First up is the stunning pale pink look with a really fine but strong gold shimmer.  The gold shimmer makes the pink polish lean coral coloured and dispute it looking very sheer, it still has complete coverage of the nail in just two coats.

This is two coats of 745 on it's own.  Above with partial sun and below in the shade.

In the sun this polish really warms up and is a pink toned gold.  It's a really pretty gold, not too orange, and it suited my skin tone beautifully.

Next I layered one coat of 745 over a white base.  It's kind of similar to how it looks without a white base except in the shade the white base brings out the pink more.

In the sun, the white base seems to cool down the gold a little. So pretty.

Now here is the second personality of this polish.  If the above photos show it's light and pretty side, these photos show it's gritty and edgier side.  Layered over black you'd swear it was a completely different bottle of polish. The black base seems to complete hide or remove the pink tinge to this polish, and instead you get a cool, almost green toned gold polish.

This is two coats layered over a black base.

It is definitely a little frosty, and you can see brush strokes, but I really didn't care about them because it was such an amazing transformation.  Plus, it actually turns into such a pretty gold colour.  I love my gold polishes, and this has quite sneakily got up in there with some of my favourites.

I really love this over black, but surprisingly for me I also really love it over white and on it's own.  I actually wore it on it's own as a full mani and was quite surprised that I chose to do that, especially given that I'm not hugely into pink polishes.  But because of the strong gold undertones I really didn't feel like I was wearing pink.

This polish is part of the 700 series, which means it not one of the ones being discontinued. Ozotics are available directly from Picture Polish or through their network members in USA, Canada, UK, Brazil, The Netherlands, Pakistan, Singapore, France and Indonesia.
This polish was provided to me for review.


  1. very pretty. I wonder how it would look over a black and white gradient :)

    1. Wow what an awesome idea. I suck at gradients, but am hoping the nailsaurus tutorial will help me. Thank you.

  2. Wow this polish is gorgeous! Love Rebecca's idea and can't wait to see this layered over a black/white gradient!!

  3. this is very clever and pretty. ozotic does give numerous great duochrome!! lovee

  4. Gorgeous! I wonder how it compares to Orly Gilded Coral?


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