Friday, August 3, 2012

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Lilacquer - The Fifth Element - Part II

Here is the second installment of duo chrome polishes from the Fifth Element Collection by Lilacquer.

Zorg Industries is a greenish grey jelly with a light mint green shimmer that shifts to blue. This is such an unusual colour.  Some might think it's a ugly pretty, but to me this is delicate and soft. Love it.

Roo-Bee Rod is an orange jelly with lots of pink colour shifting shimmer which becomes copper gold and yellow.  This one looks metallic copper in the sun.

Supreme Being is cornflower blue shimmer with a soft pink duo chrome.  So soft and pretty and the duo chrome was really obvious int his one.

To Protect Love is a soft peach jelly with a green shimmer that shifts to gold and orange.  Such an unusual colour combination which is a really pretty palette cleanser.

All the swatches above were three thin coats, topped with Seche Vite.  Without top coat they have a smooth satin finish.  Formula as great to work with and I didn't need to do any cleanup of my nails for any of these photos.

I really loved this collection, from the great duo chrome finishes, to the lovely formula but especially because of the colours.  I'm not a big wearer of reds or pinks, and the fact that this collection only has one pink is just perfect for me.  The mix of blues, greens and golden tones of seven of the eight polishes in this collection really appeals to me and seems so different from the usual duo chrome colours you get from commercial brands.

Lilacquer polishes are available from the Lilacquer Etsy store.

These polishes were sent to me for review.


  1. Supreme Being my fave too, but they're all gorgeous

  2. nice. i'm liking the roobee rod orangy one

  3. You know Zorg Industries surprised me. I didn't like it much in the bottle initially but then once on the nails and stamped over, I couldn't stop staring at my nails. It was so unlike anything I have and so awesome.

  4. Like them all, Zorg industries looks the most unique

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  6. Supreme Being and Zorg Industries are amaaazing!! I LOVE The 5th Element!! :D

  7. Oh, my. Indie duochromes... that makes me happy and my wallet sad! Order already placed. ;)

  8. Zorg Industries looks so lovely!


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