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Indie Brand - Femme Fatale swatches & review

Guess what?  I have another indie brand review for you today.  Now that I've jumped head first into trying out various indie brands I have to say, I'm really loving it.  I love trying all these new polishes that are really challenging the commercial brands for our dollar.

Today's indie brand is Femme Fatale Cosmetics. FFC is an Australian based business that creates hand blended mineral based cosmetics.  They also have two ranges of nail polishes.  The Gemstone range and their Glitter range. 

First up I will show you all the gemstone lacquers.  All these swatches are one coat over a black base with no topcoat.  In the bottle, these polishes are all a milky white translucent colour and are packed with pigment.  You do need to be a little careful not to wipe the same spot too many times, otherwise it will start to streak the top coat, but overall these were an easy formula to work with.

 Skyfire - teal shifting to purple duo chrome topcoat.

Amberjewel - burnt orange and golden tones.

Dragonscale  - green shifting to a purply brown duo chrome topcoat.

Emberstone - rust red shifting of golden yellow duo chrome topcoat.

Lightseye - antique gold topcoat.

Seaspray - metallic light green shifting to violet blue duo chrome topcoat.

Shadowsong - rich purple with red undertones topcoat.

Stormsteel - cornflower blue shifting to lavender purple duo chrome topcoat.

The Gemstone lacquers are available in both 5ml and 13ml bottles for $3.75 and $9.75 respectively.

Next up are the glitter polishes, and there are currently three of these (but more being created in the labs I am told).

Quivering Heart - This is two layers over a single layer of Ulta 3 Brandy Wine.  This polish has a burgundy base and strong shimmer that shifts from pinky red to gold (which can been seen on the macro shot).  There are three sizes of red hexes, small black hexes and black squares.  There are also some black hearts in the bottle but I wasn't able to get any on my nails. Even though this polish had quite a bit of glitter, it was very smooth, and these photos are without top coat!

Stars Lament - is a black jelly polish with two sizes of holographic glitter.  Photographing holo glitter is such a pain in the butt. I usually like to photograph glitter polishes in the shade because I'm able to see the glitter pieces better, but my shade pictures of this polish did not do it justice.

It took three coats to fully build up the black jelly base, and it felt like the jelly consistency was pretty much spot on.  If its too opaque it drowns out the glitter, and if it's too jelly like then you can't get it opaque.  Just like Goldilocks, this was just right! This too was very smooth, although I did put on Seche Vite as I wore this as a full mani.

A tisket a tasket - is a blend of small light minty green glitters, some aqua squares and pale pink hexes, all in a milky base with a shimmery light green glow.  This is three thin coats with Seche Vite top coat.

All three glitter polishes were really easy to apply.  They were not thick and gluggy and the glitters applied smoothly to the nail.  Based on the gorgeous bottle shape - which is like the Zoya bottles, I can tell these are supplied by Beauty World - my No 1 favourite nail polish supplies company.  The suspension base would also be from Beauty World, which in my opinion, is also the best lacquer base (not just because it's the only one us Aussies can get, but because it is smooth, glossy and perfect)

The Femme Fatale glitter polishes are available in both 5ml and 13ml bottles for $4.00 and $10.50 respectively. 

One thing that did strike me when I first received my package was that the appearance of the bottles and labeling was very professional.  The mini bottles have small printed white labels with the polish name and list of ingredients.  The larger glitter bottles have round black Femme Fatale labels on the front and hand written names on the bottom.  All bottles were wrapped in bubble wrap and then placed into black organza drawstring bags.

At this stage, Femme Fatale Cosmetics only ships nail lacquers to Australia due to dangerous good restrictions. 

So what do you think.  I hope you like seeing these indie brands cause I have more to come!

These polishes were sent to me for review.  See my disclosure statement for more information


  1. Skyfire, Seaspray and Shadowsong all look very interesting :)
    Surprisingly enough (for me) I wouldn't go for any of the glitters. They're just not quite "me" :)

  2. I really like that last glitter

  3. Those duochromes are lovely as are the glitters, but it's sort of like a tease if you can't buy them KWIM? It's great to see a an indie company though that isn't just making glitter polishes.

  4. All of these are super pretty! I really like strong effects of the duochtomes!

  5. I LOVE Femme Fatale's eyeshadows. They are stunning! I love how you can get samples of them for $1.10 so you can try pretty much everything without breaking the budget :D

    I tried Stormsteel the other day... and maybe I was laying it too thick because it was really milky? Looked nothing like yours!! Maybe I will give it another go :)

  6. PS You should try the Gemtone eyeshadows ... they are so, so beautiful!

  7. A tisket a tasket, a green and yellow basket!!!
    There are so many versions of this rhyme. I remember this as a game as a very small child. How the world has changed!
    I like all of these polishes but A tisket, a tasket appears rather unique in the world of glitters.

  8. I love the look of these! I love FFC's eyeshadows so now I'll have to give the nail polishes a go.

  9. Oh honey. Reading your blog is getting expensive!!!:) Just ordered several Stars Lament - one for me and a couple for pressies. I'm a sucker for anything black and sparkling:)


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