Saturday, August 4, 2012

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Gold leaf with lightening stamp

Here is a bit of a fun and blingy mani.  I decided to do all my nails in gold leaf, where I painted my nails with a gold polish (China Glaze 2030) and then put on top coat.  While the top coat is still tacky, apply the gold leaf.  

I then stamped it with the lightening design from Bundle Monster plate BM-305 using Essie Matte About You.  The matte stamping crinkled the foil a little, and it's particularly noticeable in these photos, but in real life you don't really see it.

This didn't last long, but it was real fun to wear!


  1. Spectacular and very eye catching! You must have received many comments when wearing that :)

  2. This looks so cool! i agree it's eye catching :D


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