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Celestial - The Seven Kingdoms Collection

Completing the 31 Day challenge has meant I've fallen a long way behind in all my swatch reviews.  I have more than a dozen posts lined up of polishes to show you. The another thing I've realised doing the nail nail challenge is how much I loved doing nail art (not to mention how much you guys liked it too). As such, I'm making a commitment to do at least one too two nail art designs every week, in additional to regular swatches.

This first post back brings you a ten polish collection from Aussie indie brand - Celestial Cosmetics. The collection is called The Seven Kingdoms Collection and it's based on the Game Of Thrones TV series. It is a collaboration collection between Celestial Cosmetics and Color4Nails

The collection contains six thermal colour changing polishes and four chameleon duochromes. Let's get straight into the polishes.

Arya Stark - This is a pale pink thermal polish that is pink when it's warm and shifts to light purple when cold.  It also has a pretty holographic shimmer.  These photos are three coats in the sun, with the last photo taken after my fingers were plunged into our cold pool.

Highgarden - Another thermal polish that is a lime yellow colour when warm and green when cold.  It also contains silver micro glitter.  Clearly my fingers were doing strange things here, cause I had two warm fingers and two cold fingers.  Does that ever happen to anyone else when wearing thermal polishes?  I love it cause it creates such an interesting effect.  This is three coats with Seche Vite Top coat. This is my favourite one of the thermals in the collection.

A Lannister Always Pays His Debt - A yellow jelly polish with a holographic shimmer that changes to orange when it's cold.  This was three coats with Seche Vite top coat, and because of the jelly finish it is a little sheer, although it certainly isn't streaky or patchy.

Little Finger - A purple to blue thermal polish with a holographic shimmer.  The polish is blue when warm and purple when cold.  The temperature shift in this one is really obvious and I love a blue and purple combination.  The is three coats with Seche Vite top coat.

House Arryn - This polish is a blue to purple thermal polish with silver holographic micro glitter.  This one is a really sheer jelly and I should have layered it over another polish so you could see my stained ring finger nail, but after three coats I wasn't taking it off and starting again.  The colour shift is more subtle in this one, but you can see the purple more so on my index finger.

Iron Born - a purple to charcoal holographic polish.The warm colour is purple toned and the cold colour is a silvery charcoal.  The holo effect is good and the two colours compliment each other really well.  This it three coats with Seche Vite top coat.

King Slayer - a dark base with a blue to purple to red duochrome. Beautifully opaque in just two coats, I love that this duochrome doesn't need undies.

Mother of Dragons - a red base with a pink shimmer that shifts to orange and gold.  Another beautiful duochrome that is opaque in two coats. 

Jaqen H'ghar - a lighter blue base with a mauve shimmer that shifts to orange and gold. Am I repeating myself if I say this was perfectly opaque in two coats?  Another lovely and smooth duochrome.

Sapphires of Tarth - a shiny cyan base that shifts to dark purple. Opaque in two coats.  Another beauty.  I love that these duo chromes aren't streaky either.

Limited numbers of The Seven Kingdons Collection will be available to buy from 15 October and will only be available from and

Polishes provided for review. 


  1. Pretties. I love the shimmers in these and I saw several that I would love to have. I love the way the green polish looked on you and what a pretty gradient mani it made! Weird how your fingers were some, warm some cold. Then I scroll down to King Slayer, and then my jaw dropped. What a beauty. And then again with Jaqen H'ghar and then you slay me with that blue-black Sapphires of Tarth. Really I liked all of these except the yellow one. It was just too pale, too meh.

  2. Mother of Dragons and Highgarden are gorgeous!

  3. I'm kind of new to the wonderful world of nail blogs, and I'm so glad I found yours! I would never have even known about these amazing polishes otherwise, and now I own three of them. Thank you!


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