Saturday, October 19, 2013

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Lynnderella - Haunted Hearts Collection

Another epic swatch post tonight featuring the entire Lynnderella Haunted Hearts Collection.  There are some unique and interesting glitter mixes with these polishes. I found I had a hard time deciding on undies for some of these, so a lot of the time I opted for a neutral nude base.

Bed of Nails - one dabbed coat over Picture Polish beige. First of all let me just say Skull and Cross bone glitter.  It's out there in a few indie brand Halloween collections, and I think it's so awesome.  This polish has white skulls and cross bone glitters, an assortment of white glitters as well as neon purple, neon green, orange and black glitters in clear base with a silvery white shimmer.  This one was so hard to pick a base for.  My sister in law loved the look of this when she popped over for a visit and she layered it over lime green.  It looked awesome, but you could see the neon green glitters.  I wanted to put it over white to show off the neon glitters, but then you wouldn't see the awesome shaped white glitters.  Ah the dilemma of what undies to choose #firstworldproblems.

Devil in a black tie - one coat over OPI Don't Pretzel my buttons.  This one is a mix of bright matte red and black glitters accented with holographic orange microglitter in a clear base.

Feint of Heart - one dabbed coat over OPI Don't Pretzel my buttons. This one is a crazy mix of glitters with the main accent being orange hearts. It also has a warm pink-gold shimmer, all in a clear base.

Ghoul for Love - one dabbed coat over Pretty Serious Into Dreams.  A vampy purple that features burgundy glitters mixed with blues and purples and intense blurple shimmer. Loving the red dots in this one.

Heart of Stone - two coats over Ulta3 Royal Fever. Feels like a denser and chunky version of Bride of Franken. It has shards of holo purple glitter, assorted iridescent and small neon purple hexes glitter in a light purple base with blue and pink shimmer.  Isn't this just so glowy and gorgeous.

Sweet and Deadly - one dabbed coat over Picture Polish Electric Dreams and over white.  This has pink skull and crossbone glitter people and they are pretty easy to get out of the bottle too.   It also has plenty of white and pink matte glitters including hearts, shards, stars, hexagons, dots, squares and diamonds in a warm-pink-shimmered clear base.

Lynnderella polishes are available from:
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Plus there is still one bottle of 'A Unicorn Walks into a Bar'  to be won if you place an order with Glitter Connect before the 21st of Oct.
Polishes provided for consideration.


  1. I'm one of the rare few who doesn't like glitter bomb type nail polishes, especially if there is a bunch of different colors in it but I have to say, bed of nails is pretty freakin cute!

  2. For someone who is a bit over glitters - I actually really like the ones over the nude base. They aren't so glitzy and look fun and interesting.


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