Friday, October 4, 2013

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Loki's Lacquer - Science Fiction Double Feature

Aussie Indie brand Loki's Lacquer recently released a collection of polishes themed around the Rocky Horror Picture Show - I love the Rocky Horror Picture Show so knew this collection would be a lot of fun. The collection is called Science Fiction Double Feature and has a mix of shimmer and glitter polishes.

274306 - this is a blue holo with a red shimmer. Application was great. This was two thin coats with top coat.  It's an interesting and unique combination with both the holo finish and the red shimmer. Do you get the number reference? It is Eddies prison number.

A Sexy Accident - a mint green creme with fine black and red glitters as well as red and white circles.  Application was good, this is two coats with top coat.

Dammit Janet A pale pink creme with lilac and white hexes as well as micro fine violet glitter. This polish captures Janet's lilac and pink outfits from the movie. Two coats with top coat.

Science Fiction Double Feature - all the dots, black white and red holo all in a black jelly base.  This one is better suited to layering.  I did three coats here and it's a bit thick and still a little translucent.  I also found it really hard to get the dots out of the bottle for this polish.  My bottles are mini, so I'm hoping they might be easier to get out of larger bottles. I hope so, because these dots are awesome.

Strongman - Oh I do love me a gold glitter polish. Strongman can be worn either on it's own or layered.  I did three thin coats on it's own and found it to be a beautiful bright yellow gold.  It has gold glitters in lots of sizes all of the same colouring.

Timewarp - a mix of bright coloured glitters the clear base that has a green to red shift.  I love the mix of glitter and the red/green colour shift, its a both sparkly outdoors and interesting indoors.  This is one coat of Timewarp over a black base, which shows of the red/green shift the best.

Even smiling makes my face ache - This is a black jelly with many different coloured glass flakes throughout. The overall appearance ends up looking a dusty charcoal blue shade with a metallic sheen.  I love this one so much! This was two perfect coats topped with Seche Vite.  This one is a must have from the collection.

Say Hello to Oblivion - I think I died and went to heaven with this polish.  It might even make it into my top 10 indie polishes this year!  OK, so I'm a little bias towards gold polishes, but this one is a unique beauty in my collection - and oh boy do I have quite a collection of gold polishes!  Say Hello to Oblivion is a black jelly base packed with gold class flecks. Perfectly opaque in two coats, shown here with Seche Vite top coat.  The second must have from this collection.

The Science Fiction Double Feature collection was released on 1st October and is available from the Loki's Lacquer Esty store updates are also available on their facebook page.

Polishes provided for review.


  1. Wow, what a great collection. Even smiling makes my face ache is fab and I love Time Warp too...

  2. Oh how nice is that Time Warp!!

  3. These are crazy, crazy gorgeous! So hard to pick a favourite in here--Time Warp is so perfectly coloured, and Strongman is flat-out amazeballs--but A Sexy Accident is just perfect. ;)

  4. OMG time warp blew my mind. "lets do the time warp again"


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