Sunday, October 13, 2013

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Rainbow Plaid Nail Art

I loved the simplicity of the green nails I painted for the 31 Day challenge, so I decided to recreate them in my favorite colour - rainbow.  My hands were a little wobbly the night I painted these, so my lines aren't and smooth and straight, but the effect still works well even if your lines aren't perfect.

I created this design by painting all my nails white.  I then did one thick line, just off centre, down each nail using:
  • Thumb - Red - Kester Black Poppy
  • Index - Orange - Picture Polish Citrus
  • Middle - Yellow - Ulta3 Honolulu
  • Ring - Green - Paws polish clover green
  • Pinky - Blue - Ulta3 Blue Marlin
I then used a long thin striper brush to paint the black lines using JOSS Little Black Dress.


  1. So much fun! You did a fantastic job of keeping the colors all the same shade...they look like they came from one set of rainbow polishes! May I ask: what white polish did you use? Thank you, Delphi

    1. For this one, I used Ozotic Mr Big White. It's a nice two coater white.


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