Thursday, October 31, 2013

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Halloween Nail art - The witch returns

Yes, another Halloween nail art design!  Last year I did so many because I participated in a Halloween Nail Art challenge, but I just wasnt up for another challenge this year because I had so many swatches to catch up on after the 31 Day Challenge.  

For my actual Halloween nail art, I recreated one of the designs I did last year, with some slight changes.  That's one of the reasons I called this mani "The witch returns".  I still did a gradient blue sky. This time I used Ulta3 Midnight, Blue Heaven and Blue Hydrangea.  For some twinkling stars I added a layer of Picture Polish Glitter Ball, which is the perfect mix of small and medium sized silver holo hexes at just the right density for galaxy or starry night nails.

For my stamping, again I used a bunch of different plates:

Index - Bundle Monster BM305
Middle -  Messy Mansion MM22 for moon and witch, bats from BM305
Ring - Tree from Winstonia W102, cat from W116
Pinky - Tree from Winstonia W102, bats from BM305
Thumb - Bundle Monster BM305

Last years version didn't have the tree or the cat, and I used a different witch, who was flying the other direction, which is the other reason I called this mani "The witch returns", cause this time she is flying back towards her spooky house.  

Which witch did you like best, this years or lasts?


  1. Hee hee, cute story and fun mani.

  2. Wow, I am absolutely impressed! Amazing :)

  3. Wow, this was so awesome! :D

  4. Awesome!!!
    Happy halloween
    Eva -

  5. That's a masterpiece! Ooh I hope she won't be causing too much chaos XD Happy Halloween!

  6. Man, they are both Spectacular!!! But I think I like this years a leeetle better due to the addition of the kitty :) (I'm also glad you put your thumb in a pic too! lol)

  7. Love it! You combined everything perfectly :)

  8. this is just amazing halloween combo! perfect design!

  9. Jesus your gradient is flawless like seriously what's the secret there?
    As good as my gradients look in person photographs capture the flaws
    I'm actually just in shock at how perfect it is

  10. Looove this! I like this year's best ^^


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