Tuesday, November 4, 2014

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Melbourne Cup Jockey Silks Skittles

Does anyone remember what happened with my nails for Melbourne Cup Day last year?  Just to recap, I went through the cup guide the night before  and chose my five favourite Jockey Silks and did a skittle mani.  I then put $20 on those horses in a boxed trifecta at the TAB and ended up winning the trifecta and bagging $1100.

Naturally, I had to attempt my genius at picking the winning horses again this year.  So last night I went through the race guide and picked out the designs I wanted to paint on my nails.  

As I was looking at the horse names I noticed one called 'Cavalryman'.  Given my husband played baseball in the National comp for the Canberra Cavalry, I just had to pick that horse, but of course it had the boring plain blue top with the "Fly Emirates" writing on it.

Cavalryman ended up getting scratched early this morning, so never even ran, but it turned out there was another horse from the same trainer, therefore with the same jockey silk (just with a white hat).  So I ended up putting that horse into my trifecta.  If I'd had more time before work I might have picked another jockey silk for that nail.

Sadly this year I didn't win.  But I still managed to pick the first two places (Red Cadeaux in the blue and red and Protectionist with the horseshoe)

Third place in the multi million dollar race went to 'Who shot the barman', and looking at his awesome silks below, I totally should have chosen it to paint on my nails.

I'm already looking forward to doing my nails for next years Melbourne Cup.  Were any of you other Aussies winners today?


  1. Yes I totally remember last year! Its as good as any method I know to pick a winner. The race silks are so cool aren't they. Its a great tradition I might give it a go next year... Who knows:)

  2. How cool that you actually won last year - maybe again next year! :)

  3. Cool mani - I really like it :-)

  4. My boyfriend's brother picked Protectionist, so it was pretty exciting when he won (even though it was only a bet of $5). I chose Who Shot TheBarman, and had a $5 bet on him placing, so we both came out okay, haha!

    I love your interpretation of the jerseys.

  5. Great use of glitter for the diamond pattern! I like the Red Cadeux nail best... partly because I went in my work sweeps and got Red Cadeux, so I won $14 - not huge but not bad! I was pretty pleased. :)

    I painted my nails with some of the jockey's silks too - I actually did Who Shot Thebarman on one hand (it looked great!) and Admire Rakti on the other. It's pretty fun to paint your nails to match an occasion.


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