Monday, November 3, 2014

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Results, results, results

I have lots of results for you tonight.

First up, the winner of the Ulta3 Advent Calendar giveaway on my blog.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Congratulation Belinda, I've sent you an email.

Second, if you entered my giveaway on Instagram for the other Ulta3 Advent Calendar I'll be announcing the winner there later tonight.  Stay tuned for that.

Finally, results of the silver holo polish favourites.  I was going to drag this out a bit longer, but I want to share!

Did anyone notice that I actually got the order of two polishes back to front in the video compared the the photos.  Numbers 14 & 15 were swapped.  When counting the votes, I think most people were voting for 15 (14 in the photo), because it has something a bit different, sparkly and scattered.

I counted up votes from both my blog, facebook and the facebook group and here are the details of which polishes were the favourites.

There was a tie for first place with 3 and 9 both receiving 17 votes.
Second place went to 5 with 9 votes
Third place went to 10 with 8 votes
Forth place went to 15 (14 in the photos) with 6 votes
Fifth place went to 2 with 5 votes.

All the rest were less than that.

So which was which??

1 - FNUG – Psychedelic
2 - GOSH – Holographic (original release)
3 - Nfu Oh – 61 (original release)
4 - Layla – Mercury Twilight
5 - Ozotic – 509
6 - Color Club – Harp on it
7 - Dance Legend – T-1000
8 - Dance Legend – Prismatic top
9 - Jade – Psicodelica
10 - China Glaze – OMG
11 - HITS – Hefesto
12 - Ludurana – Esplendido
13 - Color Club – Worth the Risque
14 - Orly – Mirror Ball
15 - Born Pretty – Holo Color 1
16 - China Glaze – Cosmic Dust

Some surprising and interesting results there aren't there!!


  1. Thank you! I never win anything :)

  2. Thanks for sharing the results, very interesting to read :) Will you do one of these blind-voting-things again?

  3. I enjoyed this post. It is good to know that I have guessed one correctly and that I voted for my actual favourite silver holo :D
    It is also great to see other silver holos compared.

  4. Bah! I got the Nfu Oh dud, Cuz mine doesn't look anything like this #3

  5. Congrats to the winner - yah :-)

  6. That was fun! Looks like I have a few polishes to add to my wish list.

  7. Just the other day I was wishing I could find a recent comparison of silver holos! Most comparison posts I found were from 2012. It's interesting to see the variations between them! Plus now I really want Jade's Psicodelica! So holo! The manicure you posted with it looked amazing.


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