Saturday, June 13, 2015

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Picture Polish Sorbet gradient

I've been slowly working my way through wearing the latest new picture polish shades, which are all beautiful cremes.  First up I'll show you how I wore Sorbet.

I started with a base of Sorbet, which is a creme pastel yellow.  Great formula, easy to apply and opaque in two coats.  I then did a gradient using Picture Polish Wisteria and Violet Femme.  I stamped using Mundo de Unas #42.   

I really love the colour combo on this.  I have a few different coloured Mundo de Unas polishes, but I usually end up stamping in either black or white.  I will have to challenge myself more to stamp using other colours.

Here is a swatch of Sorbet on it's own.  Like I said earlier. It's a lovely pastel yellow creme with a great formula.  This is two coats with Seche Vite top coat.

Picture Polish Sorbet is available from Picture Polish. International ladies may be able purchase through one of the many Network stockists if they have this in stock.


  1. Gorgeous colour combination. I love it.

    Ps. I have the same "problem". I own many MdU polishes, but often end up stamping with black ;)

  2. Really lovely mani. I love that yellow :-D

  3. I'm a sucker for yellow polish, so I love everything about this!


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