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Dance Legend Sahara Crystal Metal

Dance Legend have a massive range of textured polishes, 54 of them in the Sahara collection at the last count I did, plus a few others in the Anna Gorelova collections.  While they are all textured finishes, there is quite a range in the appearance of some of them. Some are textured shimmers, some are textured cremes, some are textured glitters, there are even some textured holos like Gamayun from the Anna Gorelova winter collection.  The most recent six additions to the Sahara line are textured metallics. These are stunning shiny and sparkly metallics, not like that nasty business that China Glaze released with those crinkle chromes.

I have two of the six shades to show you.  The other four are more classic metallic colour, in silver, gold and copper tones, but I chose the two blue shades as I thought they would compliment each other nicely.

First up is Nickel, it has a pale light blue base with a strong gold sparkle.  It's hard to tell with the textured finish, what is making this so sparkly, whether it's glass flecks or glitter, but if it is glitter then it's very shiny.  This one dried to a nice sparkly matte finish with a rough textured feel.  Dry time was ok. Not super fast as you can't add a top coat, but it covers in two coats so you don't have to wait too long.

Next up is Zirconium, which is a darker blue.  This does doesn't seem quite as textured as Nickel and it hasn't have the same flat matte finish, it's more metallic.  It is still very sparkly, but doesn't have a gold shimmer.  Again dry time was ok and consistent for a textured polish.  This is two coats on it's own.

I ended up wearing these two polishes are a textured gradient and then stamped.  I love using textured polishes in gradients, because the sponging really accentuates the textured finish and shows off the sparkly bits to the max.  

Stamping over textured polishes is weird, because it seems odd not to apply a top coat over the stamping to seal it all in.  Here I stamped using Mundo de Unas white polish, and I really didn't think the stamping would last without top coat. But it must be something to do with the textured base, because the stamping lasted all day.  Please don't ask me what stamping plate this was, cause I can't remember and I didn't write it down.  

Dance Legend  polishes are available from the Dance Legend website. International shipping is only $10 for up to 10 polishes, but if it's more than 10 polishes then shipping is free!  The website also has details of other international stockists.

Don't forget you can connect with Dance Legend on Facebook and Instagram.

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