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Dance Legend Gel-Effect 2

I recently received a new box of polishes from Russian brand Dance Legend.  I have so many pretties to share with you from so many of their new collections, some Hammerings, Firefly's. Malibu's, Sahara's and more. I've already worn a whole heap of them and started to get my blog posts together for you.  That's when I discovered the photos of these two polishes.

I actually got these polishes back in about February (whoops) and I actually did swatch them then (you can see how much shorter my nails are in the swatch photos below). But I never got around to actually wearing the polishes in some nail art.  You see whilst I do pretty much swatch every polish you see here (as in put it on, take a photo and then take it off straight away) I really do make an effect to actually wear all of the polishes so I can really appreciate them and get a feel for how they actually wear.

A few weeks back we went away for a long weekend down the south coast.  This is the mani I wore, and it wore beautifully.  I didn't get any chips and only light tip wear for the three days we were away.  So I was definitely happy with the wear time.

These two polishes from from the Gel-Effect 2 range, which is a collection of 18 colours.  The original Gel-Effect range has 18 colours too, so there is a nice large range of colours to pick from in this Gel effect series.  The beige shade is 1031 and the turquoise shade is 1036.  

1031 is a light nude cream creme polish. Great formula which was smooth and opaque in two coats, dry time was good too.

1036 is a bright turquoise creme that is opaque in two coats.

Did you notice that the Dance Legend site is up and running!! Plus it seems they have sorted their shipping issues by sending the polishes to the Ukraine to then send internationally.  Certainly my parcel arrived from Russia to Australia in about two weeks after receiving my tracking number.  Plus, shipping is only $10 for up to 10 polishes, but if it's more than 10 polishes then shipping is free!  Go forth and buy all the Dance Legends, there are many collections that are simply MUST HAVES!

Don't forget you can connect with Dance Legend on Facebook and Instagram.

Polishes provided for consideration.


  1. This design is very elegant. Does the dance legend gel polish have to cure in a lamp? Or do you need a special top coat?

    1. Nah, neither lamp curing or a special top coat, I think it's just a gel look, so nice and shiny and it lasted well one me.

  2. How many polishes were in your last order??!!
    I'm curious to know how much you bought/spent lol.
    I will definitely check the site out. They do some amazing stuff!

    1. My last package contained 14 polishes. They were all polishes provided for review rather than an order. But I did place an order for two sets of the Aqurella top coats when I was emailed about my previously batch of polishes for review. Dance Legend really are leaders so some of the things they come out with.

  3. That blue is really pretty :-D

  4. Your mani is so beautiful! I love those two colors (especially that turquoise!), and like that design a lot. Once my nails get back in shape, I'm going to give this mani a try!

  5. Funny, we picked the same shades to review from this range :D! I just did a gradient with them and well, they are perfect together. Your nailart proves that as well!


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