Tuesday, August 11, 2015

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Gelicious Designer Girls Swatches

I have swatches of the most recent release of Gelicious hybred gel nail polishes for you today.  This collection of five shades that were selected as the winners of the design your own nail colour competition by Gelicious.

The formula on all of these was good, they all applied smoothy with two coats and these swatches show two coats with Gelicious top coat. 

My swatches are specifically provided as a reference and comparison to my photoshopped swatch photos that are shown on the Gelicious website, but I'm not going to go into it again in detail, as I have covered it before. I do love the identical appearance of every swatch photo using the identical hand (especially on the printed colour brochure) and I do know that the polish part is actually taken from my individual swatch photos and do accurately reflect the actually polish. However, with the photoshopped hand it just makes the whole photo lack credibility as a swatch you can trust.  So without further adieu, here are my original unphoto-shopped swatches.

Australian Sunset - As far as I know, this one isn't available for sale yet, as they are adjusting the colour.  I was advised that this sample bottle is not what the final colour will look like, this is too close to Strawberry Gelato, and the new shade will have a more yellow in it to give it a more coral appearance.  The swatches they have on facebook of this have been photoshopped to show the new colour, so I can't accurately comment on that colour yet.

Champagne Cocktail - This is a beautiful sheer shimmery gold.  The base colour is a very sheer beige and you can still see a bit of nail line with this at two coats.  I love this sort of gold and it suits my skin tone well, but I'm not sure it will suit everyone. Ignore the name on my bottle, looks like this one got a last minute name change.

Clock strikes twelve - this one is easily my favourite of the bunch.  This is such a gorgeous blue shade and the name really does invoke images on Cinderella's stunning blue ball gown. Great formula and a colour I can wear over and over again.

Heirloom Heiress - This is quite a unique and interesting shade. The base colour is a light purple leaning pink and at has a strong golden glass fleck shimmer.  In the sun it really sparkles and in the shade it has a duochrome chameleon look, shifting from pinks to rose golds and bronze.

Stone cold sober - a dark and moody grey creme.  I like that is looks like a grey and not black and the formula was great, although you need to really remember to wrap your tips well otherwise you will get some gel shrinkage on your tips that will look noticeable because of the dark colour - like my pinky which I didn't wrap.

The Gelicious Desinger Girls collection is available from the Gelicious website (with the exception of Australian Sunset for the moment)


  1. To be quite honest the swatch pictures on the Gelish website aren't all that, and I probably wouldn't buy the polish as they seem flat colours. Your swatches here however, show the polish as having so much more life and I really like some of the colours like Heirloom Heiress and Clock Strikes Twelve.

  2. I especially like the pink, even though it's going to end up different :)


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